1 Pair(2 pcs) Original SpinFit CP100 CP800 CP220 CP240 In-ear Earphones Patented Silicone Eartip Innovative Technology Eartips


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1.Product : NICEHCnameK SpinFit CP100/CP800/ CP220 in ear silicone eartips
2.Model: C   CP100/CP800/    CP220
3.Available sizes :
   CP100 L/M/S/SS
   CP800  M/S
   CP200 M/M2

   CP230 M

   CP240 S/M/L

4.Model Description:
    CP100, the Internal diameter of 5 mm,
Suitable for pipe diameter 4.5 – 5.5mm earphones, L, M, S, SS 4 size, suitable for 99% of the earphone.
    CP800, the Internal diameter of 3 mm,
Applies to: For Shures series, the Westons family, Etymotics and so no, L, M , S 3 size.

5.Package Contents:
   SpinFit Eartips x 2 pcs


1 Pair(2 pcs) NICEHCK    SpinFit CP100 CP800 In-ear Earphones Patented Silicone Eartip Innovative Technology Eartip Free Shipping

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CP240 L, CP240 M, CP100 L Size, CP100 M Size, CP100 S Size, CP800 M Size, CP800 S Size, CP220 M1, CP220 M2, CP230 M, CP240 S